Friday, 21 February 2014

Simply does it

As a beginning blogger (though I’ve been writing for over a year & stashing it on my computer), I’m visiting other blogs that speak to me. The theme that seems to link them all is simplicity. If there is anything I truly need with my complicating head, it is simplicity. I need simple ideas and I love those put forward by Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist for starters.

If only I could do fewer projects, refrain from leaving things out, (creating  clutter), banish stuffed files from the filing cabinet – it would ease the pressure. My natural default is complication. Yet when working with others, whether it’s as a mediator of conflict: ‘what’s the one thing that you would like from your aggravating colleague?’ or in teaching public speaking ‘keep your key message as one clear idea’, I know about simplicity. When however, it comes to managing myself, I get a bit A.D.D. as Alanis Morrisette says in her song. 

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So on this one day, I started off to write a bit, got waylaid by ‘I'll just check interesting Facebook posts’, looked at email, set an alarm to buy some newly released theatre tickets then took a couple of calls. One was from a client so I needed to focus on that & building the relationship. Then off I diverted into looking for paid opportunities and applying for possible outlets for both my art work or some employed work in the Arts… which involved uploading photos etc…so in the end the blogging focus goes and it's couple of hours later. You know the score Bless me, my butterfly brain skips about. Yet what it truly needs at every moment are fewer distractions. 

Today after a similarly scattered hour at the beginning of my work day, I’ve started putting pen to paper (so to speak) and writing this post. Meanwhile, I'm happily looking out the window at the spring sun on a half-term Friday - observing the people with their kids enjoying the swings and skatepark. It's lovely.

At home, I’m following the energy I now have to chuck stuff out. Do less, be more. I love hearing from The Minimalists (they're coming to London in October) and Be More With Less. I read other posts that remind me to stop and connect. 

I aim to do stuff for 30mins at a time, intervening with a twinkling timer on my phone. I now register that I do achieve (there is great evidence to this end) and I do things more than well-enough. I'm less frustrated on a regular basis by the belief that the multiplicity of activities is scattered and confused. But variety is great for me. Paradoxically I have the erroneous belief, whatever I do, it’s never enough’ The mating call of the active and perfectionist workaholic… 

Ah well. Do less, be more, relax and enjoy life. Do more of what makes your heart sing. Keep on keeping it simple. Today I will dash off the work requirements and take the afternoon off. More time with trees or the movies beckon. Maybe everything is alright. x